The Grundfos HS pumps are used for liquid transfer and pressure boosting in these main fields of application:

  • commercial systems

  • industrial systems

  • water distribution

  • irrigation

Commercial systems:

  • Air-conditioning and chilled-water systems

  • water-condensing systems and cooling towers

  • boiler-feed and condensate systems

  • district heating plants and heating systems

  • district cooling plants

  • swimming pools and fountains

Industrial systems:

  • Process-cooling and chilled-water systems

  • industrial heating systems

  • wash-down and cleaning systems

Water distribution and water treatment:

  • Public waterworks

  • non-potable water systems.



Submersible pumps:
Features and benefits
A wide pump range
Grundfos offers energy-efficient submersible pumps ranging from 1 to 280 m3/h. The pump range consists of many pump sizes, and each pump size is available with an optional number of stages to match any duty point.

High pump efficiency:
Often pump efficiency is a neglected factor compared to the price. However, the observant user will notice that price variations are without importance to water supply economics compared to the importance of pump and motor efficiencies.

When pumping 200 m3/h at a head of 100 m for a period of 10 years, a normal pump consumes about 688,000 kWh. If the pump/motor efficiency is enhanced by 5 %, you can save about 34,000 EUR in energy cost, as if the price is EUR 0.10/kWh.

Material and pumped liquids:
To ensure the right wear resistance and reduce risk of corrosion the pump ranges are available with different steel variants.

  • SP: EN 1.4301

  • SP N: EN 1.4401

  • SP R: EN 1.4539

Rubber components:
For pumping liquid with risk of chemical residue, or liquids > 60 °C, all pumps can be delivered with rubber components made of FKM elastomer.

Low installation costs:
Stainless steel means low weight facilitating the handling of pumps and resulting in low equipment costs and reduced installation and service time.



NB and NK are multipurpose pumps suitable for a variety of different applications demanding reliable and cost-efficient supply.

NB and NK pumps are used in five main fields of application:

  • water supply

  • industrial pressure boosting

  • industrial liquid transfer

  • HVAC

  • irrigation

Water supply:
Besides general water supply in municipal and industrial waterworks, the NB and NK pumps are used for these specific applications:

  • filtration and transfer at waterworks

  • pressure boosting in mains

  • pressure boosting in high-rise buildings, hotels, etc.

  • pressure boosting in industrial buildings

  • various swimming bath applications

Industrial pressure boosting:
Pressure boosting in:

  • industrial washing and cleaning systems

  • industrial wash-down systems

  • vehicle washing tunnels

  • fire-fighting systems

Industrial liquid transfer:
Liquid transfer in:

  • cooling and air-conditioning systems (refrigerants)

  • boiler-feed and condensate systems

  • aquafarming

  • industrial heating systems

  • district heating plants

Liquid transfer in:

  • heating systems

  • ventilation systems

  • air-conditioning systems

Irrigation covers these applications:

  • field irrigation (flooding)

  • sprinkler irrigation

  • drip-feed irrigation



Product introduction:
The Grundfos CM and CME pumps are horizontal, multistage, end-suction centrifugal pumps. The pumps are of the close-coupled type and available as either self-priming or non-self-priming pumps. CM pumps are fitted with mains-operated motors whereas the motor for CME pumps has an integrated frequency converter. Both CM and CME pumps have mechanical shaft seals.

The CM and CME pumps are available in these three material versions:

  • cast iron (EN-GJL-200)*

  • stainless steel (EN 1.4301/AISI 304)

  • stainless steel (EN 1.4401/AISI 316)

  • The pump shaft, impeller, chamber and filling plugs are made of stainless steel (EN 1.4301/AISI 304).


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